Holy Egg Incubation/Upgrade

Holy Egg Incubation
Every Maker who has created their NFTs on our platform is eligible to purchase a holy egg to incubate. Holy egg can be upgraded by purchasing incubation energy, which can also be used to improve NFT mining hash rate. When the holy egg reaches lv. 500, a holy mining pet will be incubated. Community members can continue upgrading the pets to improve their hash power. The MAKE consumed will be burned automatically while other tokens consumed will be donated to the community as the operating budgets.
Holy Egg Incubation and Holy Egg Upgrade Guide
The data below is from the test server and is only used for reference.
1. Official Website:
2. Connect Decentralized Wallet
2.1 Makers can select the decentralized wallet they want to connect to in the pop-up window when they enter the official website.
2.2 Or Makers can click the “Connect Wallet” at the top right corner of the website.
3. Authorize and confirm the connection
5. Holy Egg Incubation
Home >> NFT BANK >> Mining (NFT) >> Scroll Down >> Holy Egg Incubation
Makers need to scroll down the page so they can see the Holy Egg Incubation
5.1. Holy Egg Incubation
Payment: BUSD
Price: 50
5.2 Purchase
Click “Buy Now” >> Authorize >> Confirm transaction
5.3 Authorize Wallet
5.4. Successful Transaction
After the transaction is successfully completed, Makers can get a holy egg with initial energy.
5.5 Initial attributes of Holy Egg
Level: lv. 5
Incubation energy/ Hash power bonus: 50
The incubation energy can be used to upgrade the holy egg. (holy egg level = energy/10)
The hash power bonus will be counted into the total hash power of NFTs and it will affect the mining rewards. (Total hash power = NFT hash power + Holy Egg hash bonus)
6. Holy Egg Upgrade
There are two tokens - BUSD and MAKE - that can be paid to upgrade the holy egg.
Pay 10 BUSD for 10 energy values, and upgrade 1 level for the holy egg.
Pay 50 BUSD for 50 energy values, and upgrade 5 levels for the holy egg.
Notice: Makers can click ‘-’ ‘+’ button to adjust the energy values that they would like to purchase.
Pay 0.073 MAKE for 50 energy values, and upgrade 5 levels for the holy egg.
The amount of MAKE that needs to be paid is based on the real-time price of MAKE.
Notice: Makers can click ‘-’ ‘+’ button to adjust the energy values that they would like to purchase.
Steps to upgrade the holy egg (BUSD)
a. Click “Buy now”
b. Double check the info
50 BUSD will be spent on 50 energy values and upgrade 5 levels for the holy egg.
c. Authorize Wallet
Authorize >> Confirm >> Transaction completed
d. Purchase Successfully
NFTMAKE system will check if Makers have a sufficient balance of BUSD/MAKE.
i. Transaction Fails
If the transaction is not successful, Makers need to check their balance to see if they have sufficient BUSD/MAKE.
Account Balance – Transfer
Transfer assets from wallets to NFTMAKE “My Asset”
Detailed Guide:
ii. Successfully Upgrade
Makers can upgrade their holy eggs successfully if they have sufficient BUSD/MAKE in account balance.
e. The hash power will be updated after a successful purchase.
The level will be upgraded from lv. 5 to lv. 10.
Incubation energy / Hash power bonus : from 50 to 100
Notice: Holy Egg Level = Energy/10
Here comes the end of the holy egg incubation and upgrade introduction.
If you have further questions, please contact our official admins.