Create NFT and improve your hash power to earn extra MAKEs.
Mining (NFT) is a mining pool for NFT minting on NFTMAKE
Makers get hash power by creating their NFTs on NFTMAKE and earn MAKE Tokens as rewards.
NFT Collections
Create a unique avatar and use it as an NFT ID Card.
NFT Weapon
Design an exclusive weapon and use it to conquer the NFT GAME.
Customize an extraordinary hero and use it in the metaverse.
NFT PET (coming soon)
Create a cute pet and raise it in NFT GAME.
Mining (NFT) Introduction and Guide
The data below is from the test server and it is used for reference only.
1. Official website:
2. Connect Decentralized Wallet
2.1 Makers can select the decentralized wallet they want to connect to in the pop-up window when they enter the official website.
2.2 Or Makers can click the “Connect Wallet” at the top right corner of the website.
3. Authorize and confirm the connection
4. My NFT
Makers should first have the NFTs that are minted on NFTMAKE to get the hash power, so they can earn MAKE Tokens in Mining (NFT).
Guide for NFT Create:
Create your first NFT ID
Create your first NFT Weapon
View hash power and rewards in “My NFT” after successfully creating NFTs.
Top right corner - My NFT
Makers can see the quantity of NFTs, NFT collections, and the balance of MAKE.
When Makers successfully create their NFTs, a certain amount of MAKE Token will be automatically mined and transferred to the decentralized wallet that Makers have connected to NFTMAKE.
When Makers need to use the MAKE Tokens that are earned in “My NFT”, they need to transfer the tokens from their wallet to NFTMAKE Assets.
Transfer Assets to NFTMAKE Guide
5. Mining (NFT)
View hash power and rewards in “My NFT” after successfully creating NFTs.
5.1 Home - NFT BANK
5.2 Mining(NFT)
The following data in Mining (NFT) is important for Makers.
Yesterday’s reward:
MAKEs that you have earned yesterday. (NFT Create, Holy Egg, and Staking)
Yesterday's total reward:
MAKEs that all Makers have earned yesterday.(NFT Create, Holy Egg, and Staking)
Today’s reward:
MAKEs that you have earned today. (NFT Create, Holy Egg, and Staking)
Awards to be claimed (MAKE): Rewards that you have earned by creating NFTs on NFTMAKE.
Claim: All rewards should be manually claimed in Mining (NFT) by Makers. (Details are attached below)
5.3. Claim MAKE rewards
Claim MAKE rewards and view the rewards in “My Asset”
Click “Claim” >> Authorize >> Confirmation >> Transaction Completed
After the transaction is completed, the MAKE to be claimed will be reset to 0.
Here comes the end of the Mining(NFT) Guide
If you have further questions, please contact our official admins.