NFT BANK Introduction

As a bank of non-fungible tokens, NFT BANK provides financial services to Makers, which includes NFT Trade, NFT Mining, NFT management, NFT staking, etc. NFT BANK helps Makers efficiently utilize their NFTs and earn rewards.
2. NFT BANK - NFT MINING Pool and Output Factor Intro
Makers can create various kinds of NFTs on NFTMAKE. Each NFT is equipped with an auto-mining function. In NFT MINING System, Makers can empower their NFTs and earn more rewards.
a. The weight in different pools and the related factors.
There are three pools in NFT MINING System - NFT, Holy Egg, and Staking booster. The weights of output of different pools are not the same. The daily supply of MAKE is influenced by the number of Makers across the platform, the total amount of NFT across the platform, the total consumption of MAKE, and the price of MAKE.
b. Factors related to individual rewards
In NFT MINING System, the factors that will impact the farming output of MAKE are as follows: the hash power of NFT, the amounts of NFT, the level of Holy Eggs, the amounts of MAKE Staked, the duration of staking, the amount of burned MAKE, the price of MAKE, the contribution to NFTMAKE platform, and the random luck value. Different factors influence the output to a different extent. The output is positively correlated with the amount of NFTs, the hash power, the level of Holy Egg, the amount and duration of staking, and the amount of burned MAKE.
c. Contribution to NFTMAKE - periodical factor
Every Maker gets the weight of contribution by creating NFT, burning MAKE, referral, etc. The weight is periodical, not permanent. When Maker stops contributing to our platform, the weight will decrease over time and stops empowering your mining output.
3. There are mainly 3 mining parts in NFT MINING. The following are the Guides for New Makers
3.1 Create NFTs
By creating unique NFTs, Makers can improve their hash powers and earn MAKE rewards. After minting NFTs successfully, Makers can earn:
1) Unique NFTs customized by Makers themselves.
2) NFT attribute bonus. In addition to the hash power bonus that can be applied in NFT MINING, Makers can get other attribute bonuses such as attack and crit, which can be applied in different games on NFTMAKE.
3) NFTs created on NFTMAKE can be traded freely in the future.
4) NFT creators can enjoy their creator bonus every time when their NFTs are traded on NFTMAKE.
5) More benefits are coming soon…
Create your first NFT ID
Create your first NFT Weapon
3.2 Holy Egg Incubation
Every Maker who has created their NFTs on our platform is eligible to purchase a holy egg to incubate. Holy egg can be upgraded by purchasing incubation energy, which can also be used to improve NFT mining hash rate. When the holy egg reaches lv. 500, a holy mining pet will be incubated. Community members can continue upgrading the pets to improve their hash power. The MAKE consumed will be burned automatically. The incubation of holy egg can help Makers improve their hash power and improve their weight of MAKE burning and weight of contribution with a relatively lower cost. Makers can earn:
1) One Holy Egg NFT
2) A unique NFT Holy Mining Pet after the level of holy egg reaching lv.500.
3) NFTs can be freely traded on NFTMAKE in the future.
4) Makers who incubate the holy mining pet can earn profit every time when their NFT mining pets are traded on NFTMAKE.
Holy Egg Incubation/Upgrade
3.3 Staking Booster
Makers can accelerate the mining and earn extra MAKE rewards by staking MAKE on NFTMAKE. The weight is positively related to the staking duration and quantity staked. For MAKE holders, staking their MAKEs on NFTMAKE can greatly improve their rewards. The staking durations are 90 days, 180 days, and 360 days. It is suggested that MAKE holders stake their MAKEs for a longer duration as the booster is positively related to the staking duration and quantity staked.
Staking Booster Link