Staking Booster

Staking MAKE to accelerate the mining
1. Staking Booster Introduction
Makers can accelerate the mining and earn extra MAKE rewards by staking MAKE on NFTMAKE. The weight is positively related to the staking duration and quantity staked.
Staking Rules:
a. The staking durations are 90 days, 180 days, and 360 days.
b. Makers cannot redeem the MAKE before the end of the staking duration.
c. The boosting weight is positively related to staking durations.
d. The boosting weight is positively related to quantity staked.
2. How can Makers Stake MAKE
2.1 Makers should first connect their decentralized wallet and transfer in-wallet MAKE to MAKE CHAIN “My Asset”
2.1.1 Asset Transfer Guide
2.2 Enter” Staking Booster”
2.3 Select Staking amount and duration and confirm.
2.4 Authorize Wallet and Confirm
2.5 Confirm the transaction and stake MAKE successfully.