Import the NFTs
Import the NFTs in the wallet into NFTMAKE platform NFTs minted on NFTMAKE will mine MAKE Tokens automatically.
If the NFTs are minted by Wallet A and the NFTs are transferred to Wallet B, Then you have to connect wallet B and manually import the NFTs on My NFT of the official website and the NFTs will mine MAKE Tokens automatically. Notice: Makers need to import the MAKE NFTs manually to make sure that the confirmation of the block can be successfully done as block congestion will cause the loss of rewards. Makers are responsible for their loss due to block congestion if they do not import the NFTs manually.
1. Only NFTs that are successfully imported can farm NFT MAKE Tokens.
2. NFTs that are minted on NFTMAKE by the wallet owners themselves do not need to be imported again.
How do Makers import their NFTs in the wallet to NFTMAKE?
Data below is from test server and only used for reference.
  1. 1.
    Official Website:
Official Website
2. Connect Decentralized Wallet
2.1 Makers can select the decentralized wallet they want to connect to in the pop-up window when they enter the official website.
2.2 Or Makers can click the “Connect Wallet” at the top right corner of the website.
Connect Wallet Window
3.Authorize and confirm the connection
4. My NFT
Find “My NFT” in the drop-down menu at the top-right corner of the website.
5. My NFT
Makers should first import the NFTMAKE NFTs in their wallet to NFTMAKE platform so the NFTs are viewable on our platform.
Import in-wallet NFTs to NFTMAKE
6. Import in-wallet NFTs
6.1 Click “In-wallet NFTs Import”
In-wallet NFTs Import
6.2 Enter NFT ID
Makers need to type their NFT ID and the NFT HASH.
Every NFT minted on NFTMAKE has an NFT ID, which is used to identify the NFT. This ID consists of # and random numbers and is placed below the NFT Name.
When clicking NFT ID, Makers can view its on-chain data on the NFT contract address page.
NFT Weapon ID Sample
NFT ID Sample
HASH is the hash record that Makers get when they mint the NFT. Makers can view and copy the HASH by scanning the data in their wallets.
Enter NFT ID and HASH
Enter NFT ID and HASH
6.3 Confirm and submit NFT ID and HASH
Confirm import
6.4 Import successfully
Import successfully
6.5 Import NFT to NFTMAKE
Info about NFTs is viewable in “My NFT” after a successful import.
The NFT import is successfully done.