Make the first NFT ID

Everyone needs to have an NFT ID to enter the NFT 3.0 Metaverse
You can design your own NFT ID card, which will become your pass card to the NFT metaverse. Each NFT ID card has its own quality and random attributes, can be used on the major NFT GAME with extra attribute bonus in the future. Now to make your NFT ID card, then you can get the corresponding MAKE TOKEN reward.
Etherchain/Binance Chain tutorial; this tutorial is using example as METAMASK
1、Click "Connect Wallet"
Click Connect Wallet
2、Chooes the MetaMask
Choose the wallet
3、Click Next
Click the Next and prove the Authorization
4、Click the "connect" button and provide authorization
Click Connect
5、Authorization succeeded
Authorization succeeded
6、Start to customize the design, enter the nickname/name/ after the design is completed, and click OK to pay.
Finished your design and click the confirm button to pay the gas fee
7、Click "Confirm" button to process the payment. If the wallet authorization does not pop up, please click METAMASK wallet authorization.
Click Confirm
8、Pay the gas fee and click the "Confirm" button
Click Confirm
9、After waiting for the block transaction confirmation of the block for about 30 seconds, a successful production prompt pops up. Successfully made NFT ID.
Successful make the NFT ID
10、One-click publishing to OPENSEA ( Ether chain) one-click selling.
Publish on OPENSEA and sale it
11、Set the NFT price, the selling currency is ETH, and then click OK to sell. Set price and Click Confirm button.
Set the price and sale
12、Sign for sale
Click the Sign to prove the authorization
13、Successful Public