Create a wallet

Create the first wallet
NFTMAKE is a decentralized distribution platform
So there is no need to register an account, you just need to link your wallet to make NFT
How to creat BSC wallet
It is recommended that you use TP wallet
First, open the website:​
Trust wallet is the official wallet of Binance, so we can operate it through cell phone, just download the app. For IOS system, just click App Store, or search Trust wallet in App Store.
For Android, just
click on Android
Trust Wallet
Once downloaded, click on the app to create a wallet (IOS system demo)
In the Trust Wallet app home page, click on it and you will see "Create a new wallet"
First, you need to understand the steps to set up a Wallet.
If you change your device(mobile phone, computer) and need to log in to the wallet again, you will need to use the "recovery phrase" to log in to the wallet you created
At the same time, please note that: if the "recovery phrase" is lost or stolen, it will directly cause you to lose all your assets.
Then, we will enter the essential part of creating a wallet. The system will also prompt you if you are ready. If you are ready, click "Continue."
This is the "recovery phrase" obtained by creating a wallet. It needs to be properly kept appro. It is not recommended to save it in the form of screenshots and photos, as there is a risk of loss. Therefore, it is recommended that you record and backup in paper form (must be backed up in the set order)
After backing up the recovery phrase, the system will perform a verification action, requiring you to repeat the recovery phrase in order
After verifying the recovery phrase, the system will prompt "Your wallet was successfully created", which means that you already have a wallet
Click "OK", it will return to the wallet homepage, then we need to make some settings
How to set the wallet currency
Set by clicking on the menu bar in the upper right corner
In this setting interface, select the USDT of the main chain BEP20, which is the "Tether USD" shown in the figure
Swipe to open the settings as a common currency, and then click "Done" in the upper right corner again
After setting the currency, you will return to the home page of the wallet. At this time, you can see that the currency you just set appears on the home page of the wallet.
The wallet setup is basically completed, and then I will tell you how to copy the wallet address for binding to HERO CAT
How to copy the wallet address
On the homepage of the wallet, click Receive, switch the currency selection interface, and find the corresponding currency
Choose “Tether USD” and switch to the interface of wallet
Since each currency has its own address, you need to find the corresponding currency
Wallet address, it will come out at this time ‌
The presentation of the wallet address is a combination of "QR code" and "number + English" ‌
Then you can scan or copy
Scan, save the QR code directly, and send it to someone
To copy, click on a string of characters composed of "number + English" below the QR code, it will be copied automatically