NFT MAKE is committed to build a global NFT infrastructure, to create the world's largest NFT consensus metaverse.
NFT MAKE is an anonymous consensus team from global distributed blockchain technology R&D and operation. The team has been studying various blockchain innovative technologies, blockchain NFT manufacturing, blockchain games, blockchain core algorithms, blockchain artificial intelligence, and has in-depth research and passion for blockchain technology.
NFT MAKE is the first project in the world to propose the concept of NFT3.0 and put it into practice. It is dedicated to building the global NFT3.0 metaverse infrastructure and creating the world's largest NFT3.0 consensus metaverse, where each resident is free to match and make his own NFT, and the NFT works created will be permanently reserved on the blockchain.
What is NFT3.0, NFT MAKE team believes that the value of NFT is not only unique, non-homogenized tokens. It should be given more value. NFT1.0 era advanced to 3.0 metaverse era, NFT3.0 is not just a single automatic creation of NFT generation and sales transactions, and is not just NFT can only be placed in the wallet and not more applications.
NFT3.0 metaverse should have the following characteristics:
01. NFT3.0 everyone must make a NFT ID, it can pass through the major NFT applications.
02.NFT3.0 NFT is no longer simply randomly generated, but can be freely made according to their preferences.
03.NFT3.0 Each NFT has its value, can be sold in decentralized way
04.NFT3.0 Everyone participates in it, whether it is the element creator, producer, trading side, project side, all can get the corresponding rewards.
05.NFT3.0 Each NFT comes with a variety of data, the data is permanently reserved on chain, data will create value.
06.NFT3.0 Each NFT data can be targeted to the scene applications, such as games, financial, and other products
07.NFT3.0 Each NFT comes with decentralized mining function, automatic 24-hour mining to get the corresponding reward.
08.NFT3.0 Each NFT completely decentralized, all data are executed on chain.
09.NFT3.0 Each NFT can be freely transformed between 2D and 3D.
10.NFT3.0 There are more we can discover with you.
Updated 29/10/2021