NFTMAKE establish the cooperative partnership with HERO CAT GAMEFI
NFTMAKE project team had an in-depth discussion with the HERO CAT GAMEFI project team for the future of the blockchain metaverse. The HERO CAT GAMEFI team was deeply attracted by NFTMAKE’s innovative concepts and technologies. At the same time, the NFTMAKE project team also expressed interest in the HERO CAT GAMEFI innovative blockchain gameplay; economic system and AI blockchain intelligent algorithm. Thus, for both parties’ recognition of the concept and mission of the blockchain, the two project teams have reached in-depth strategic cooperation. This cooperation will benefit both of the two communities and community members by the chance to participate in a new economic model. In the future, The Hero CAT GAMEFI and NFTMAKE teams will jointly launch related products and publicize them.
1. NFTMAKE will launch HERO CAT NFT PET. Community users can make it freely through NFTMAKE. In the future, the HERO CAT NFT PET will be able to mine MAKE in the NFT BANK under NFT MAKE.
2. HERO CAT GAMFI will be the first GAMEFI project to be settled in NFT GAME under NFTMAKE. In the future, users of NFT MAKE can also directly log in to the game to play and mine freely.
3. HERO CAT GAMFI and NFTMAKE will conduct in-depth cooperation between the two mining pools. In the future, NFTMAKE community users can mine MAKE and HCT in the HEROCATGAMEFI.
Note: Please follow the official community and announcements for the opening dates of the above cooperation functions.
HERO CAT is an NFT+DEFI mining entertainment game that allows users to play games for entertainment and gain mining rewards; its mission is to enable players to play games for enjoyment and earn revenue at the same time.
Players earn tokens by playing games and generating community contributions. Players battle, upgrade, raise, and breakthrough Hero Cat, making money while playing games.